Brake Cleaner vs Carb Cleaner vs Throttle Body Cleaner: Check Alternatives

Being a car owner, you may know that there are different cleaners for every part of your vehicle. However, we use a typical cleaner for the majority of the time that may clean everything. It’s because we don’t exactly know what to use and when! According to the experts, it is essential to know about various cleaners as choosing the wrong one for the wrong job increases the chances of damages. 

Brake Cleaner vs Carb Cleaner vs Throttle Body Cleaner

This article will help you to understand the fundamental difference between the Throttle Body Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, and Carb Cleaner. You will get a clear picture of the types of car cleaners once you finish it. 

Brake CleanerBrake Cleaner

As the name suggests, brake cleaner is specially made for your vehicle’s brakes. It can remove any material, whether it is oil, grease, or brake fluid. The best feature of a brake cleaner is that it can be dried out really fast. Also, it is a multi-purpose cleaner. So, you can clean brakes and some other parts of your car using the same liquid. You can use the cleaner in the form of a spray, as it is much safer to use.

Brake cleaner is generally available in two versions known as chlorinated and non-chlorinated brake cleaners. Both works great when it comes to cleaning, but the chlorinated brake cleaner is quite harmful because of its aggressive chemical blend. It contains Tetrachloroethylene that is hazardous to humans. A non-chlorinated brake cleaner is less effective if compared to the other one, but still, it is preferable. 

Just keep one thing in mind while using a brake cleaner that it should not be used on powder-coating. It’s because the powder may get sticky and may ruin the perfect finish of your car. So, try to avoid spilling or spraying it over any powder coat finish.

Carb CleanerCarb Cleaner

Carb Cleaner is for the carburetor. Carb is the thing that is responsible for mixing the fuel and air inside of the internal combustion engine. The ratio needs to be balanced so that the combustion process is undertaken effectively. When the device is covered with dirt and debris, it will require a clean-up. At that time, you will need a carb cleaner to clear out the carbon residue and the other stuff. However, kindly know that it can’t be used on painted metals. If you use it on painted surfaces, then the paint starts scrapping off immediately because of the chemicals.

It is also an aggressive chemical concoction that helps you eliminating varnish, several build-ups, and dirt from the carburetor. When you feel that your car’s performance capacity has reduced, then it’s time to give it a shot of carb cleaner. If you compare the carb cleaner with the brake cleaner, you will realize that the brake cleaner doesn’t leave any residue, but the carb cleaner certainly does.

Throttle CleanerThrottle Cleaner

If you observe your car keenly, you will find a valve that is placed in-between the air intake and the intake manifold. That particular thing is the throttle body. It keeps the air controlled and stops the excessive air that enters the engine. It is one the most crucial part of a car’s engine, and that’s why it becomes important to do the regular clean-ups of the throttle body.

The throttle body may develop some dust or dirt residues because of the surroundings. This debris needs to be cleaned out as soon as possible. It is a part of preventive car maintenance. While using the carb cleaner, you will feel that it is similar to carb cleaner to an extent, but you can only clean the throttle from this cleaner. It is imperative to keep in mind that the throttle cleaner must not be used on anything than the throttle body; otherwise, it may harm the crucial parts of your car.

The Bottom Line

This is it. I have mentioned the majority of the essential information about carb cleaner vs brake cleaner vs throttle-body cleaners. No matter what spray-on you use, just don’t ignore the instructions and warnings. Do not prefer shortcuts and take each precaution seriously. I also suggest wearing gloves while using these chemicals as your safety lies in your hands. Keep calm, and enjoy cleaning.

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