Best mountain bike bar ends: MTB bar plugs of 2020

A mountain bike is the one that can be easily carried while trekking and tough roads. Bar ends can snag things while you stand up or climb a particular surface. While riding a mountain bike, one thing very necessary is to lift your whole body with the strength of the upper body. Thus these bikes have bar ends that help the bike to keep focused on the front wheels and load the pressure on the front side. 

Best mountain bike bar ends

Bar ends are the uttermost necessary handlebars for all the mountain bikes as they act like the stubby additions on the sides of the handle. Thus bar ends are majorly used in mountain bikes and MTB. Here in this article, you will see the best mountain bike bar ends. Read below to know more:

 1. ORIGIN8 Compe Lite Bar EndORIGIN8 Compe Lite Bar End

If you are searching for a verified product that helps you serve the purpose of a perfect bar end, then Origin8 has the ideal bar ends for your bikes. These are also Amazon’s choice products that make the user feel more reliable. Also, when it comes to products, then it is a must get equipment for your bikes. The symmetrical ends make the bike unique and easy to drive while treks. Have a look some more specifications below: 

Key Features:

  • An accurate lightweight alloy construction with robust functions. 
  • It has a forged clamp that makes it better from others and preferable too for mountain bikes and MTB.
  • It is available in short and long sizes as per the convenience of the users. 
  • It is easy to install a bar end once you deal entirely with the grips and do make sure that both ends have the same positioning. 
  • These can be proven as an excellent substitute for the aero bars and works in the massive windy days of life. 
  • The construction of the bar end is solid, and both ends are symmetrical with each other. 
  • Once you start using the bar ends, you won’t regret this purchase for all the mountain bikers. 
  • Whether seated or standing position, these bar ends help you keep the forward position and shift the whole weight on the front wheel. 


 2. Platt Bike Bar EndPlatt Bike Bar End

Platt Bike bars are made with durable aluminum and are lightweight with a sturdy clamp. The polished finish looks to give an extra mark on the bikes. They are ergonomically shaped and have an excellent grip. Along with the bar end, one also gets the bar end plus a Hex wrench that makes the installation part much more accessible and forms your bike Mountain ready.  

Key Features:

  • It is made from carbon fiber and aluminum alloy that makes the bar ends even more substantial. 
  • The bar ends form Platt is lightweight and super strong with a perfect amount of stiffness. 
  • The dimension of the bar end is 126mm/4.96inches.
  • The clamp size is 22.2mm/0.87inches. 
  • The weight of the bar end is 115g per pair piece with 3k matt finish and 3k gloss. This makes the whole look very urban and clean. 
  • The package contains one bar end pair, a pair of handle end caps, and two pieces of a wrench. 
  • These bar ends are easy to install and ergonomically designed. 
  • It has a wide surface on top with a perfect curve for hand positioning with driving. 



If you are in search of easy installation, wide compatibility, superior material, perfect dimensions, a variety of colors, then you must choose this product. The bar ends are heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, unique design, and lightweight too. So don’t wait at all and choose the best bar-end now for your bikes. 

Key Features:

  • Installation of the bar ends is the most tiresome process. The bar ends from Bonixc Direct are easy to install as it fits the handle perfectly.
  • The outer diameter of the bar end is 22mm. 
  • For installation, all that you need is a socket wrench, and it is done quite simply. 
  • The design of the bar end is comfortably ergonomic. The bar end has grip design that supports your palm and thumb while riding. 
  • These bar ends also protect your wrist and blood vessels from extra tension that may be caused due to the long run of holding the handle. 
  • The bar end from Bonmixc Direct has high strength 6061 aluminum alloy locking rings. 
  • Alloy rings on both sides provide heat resistance, and corrosion on the bar ends.
  • Along with this, bar ends also have a durable hexagonal screw that makes the aluminum rings tight. 
  • The grips are anti-slip and durable at the same time. These are made with high-quality TPR rubber that features air permeable, safety ride, environmentally friendly, and suitable for long use. 
  • It is compatible with every standard straight bicycle and even scooters like BMX bicycle, Mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, MTB, etc.


4. Wowkiki Bike Bar EndsWowkiki Bike Bar Ends

The Wowkiki Bar ends are exquisitely made with simple functioning and comfortable to handle. The bar ends are wear resistant and shock resistant that makes them ideal to install in mountain bikes. The carbon fiber is solid that helps one while riding the bike. Now, have a look at the detailed features below

Key Features:

  • The bar ends from Wowkiki is made with the most beautiful quality Carbon fiber and perfectly fit for mountain bikes. 
  • The size of the bar end grip is only 2.12 inches and weighs 0.08lbs, which means it is effortless to carry them. 
  • The bike handle ends have a fine finish and matt paint, which keeps the whole look clean and simple. 
  • It is also a lightweight, compact, corrosion-resistant, and stable bar end pair with good slip-free features. 
  • Another selling point of the bar end is that it has a shock absorption feature that makes your cycle a perfect mountain bike. 
  • The design of the bar end helps the bike to maintain control and balance too. 
  • The bar end helps you to mount the bike while trekking. 
  • One of the best parts for the customer is that if they are dissatisfied with the product, then they ask for a refund within 180 days of purchase. 


5. RXL SL MTB Bike Bar EndsRXL SL MTB Bike Bar Ends

Are you in search of a budget-friendly product with all the benefits for your bike, especially for mounting. RXL SL bar ends all that you need for bikes. It is easy to install bar ends with perfect grip and mobility. Have a look at the specifications below to know more about these Bar ends. 

Key Features:

  • The RXL SL bar ends are made with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. 
  • The cap is made with a high-quality alloy. 
  • If you are searching for a budget-friendly yet efficient bar end, then you must go for this one. 
  • It weighs about 120g that is very easy to carry. 
  • The length of the bar end is 125mm, and the diameter is 22. 2mm.
  • One can rely on these handlebars for MTB, TT bikes, Track Bikes, and Mountain Bikes.
  • The installation of the bar ends is pretty simple too.
  • One does not need to put in extra effort to adjust with them. It fit the hand and maintains a proper grip. 
  • An ideal tool for mountain bikes as it fits all your requirements. 


 So made up your mind, which one to buy? Don’t forget to comment on your favorite bar end. In my opinion, ORIGIN8 Compe Lite Bar End is one of the best of all five. With its flexible installation and robust formation, one can easily have their hands on the bar ends. Even the whole look of the bar ends are very classy yet simple. Other than that, every other bar end is fantastic in its own features. Get one for your mountain bike and keep riding.

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