Best BMX grips – buying guide for handlebar grips for BMX bikes

Bike riders often face the trouble of having an extended grip and control while riding the bicycle for longer routes. The handlebars that are installed in the bikes are generally thin, have a lesser surface for hand placement and are also slippery. Apart from all these issues holding the handles for a long time can cause fatigue or pressure due to the uncomfortable position and grip while driving the bike. There is a simple yet effective investment that one can make to help you curb all these problems – handlebar grips. These grips are meant to provide the extra grip to the riders to ride their bikes comfortably.

Best BMX grips  

When we talk about bikes, bicycle motocross or BMX bikes are quite popular among the masses. These bikes are lightweight and ideal for people who like to take a little stroll in the evening or for a quick cycling exercise in the mornings. Although these bikes are massive hit, the users still want to invest in the handlebar grips to make their rides pleasant and comfortable. So if you are looking for good BMX grips, then this blog will be of utmost help to you. I have curated a list of alternatives that are ideal as BMX bike handlebar grips due to its design and size. Most of these below-stated options are also suitable for other bike handles but make sure to go through the measurement specifications if you are purchasing it for a different bike. 

1. Outerdo New BMX Handlebar GripsOuterdo New BMX Handlebar Grips

One of the most popular handlebar grips for MTB, BMX, Mountain, Downhill and folding bikes is this pair of Outerdo handlebar grips. This product is a steal under $10 for the features it comes with. The grips can fit ay standard straight handlebar of the bicycles or handlebars. The pattern on the handlebar grips is kept such that the users can comfortably hold the bars. It is made using a skid-proof TPR rubber grip that offers elasticity as well as durability. The overall construction of the handlebars is kept such that the users don’t find it tiresome after riding the bike for a long time. 

  • The grips are anti-slip so that the users can hold it comfortably.
  • The ergonomic design of the handlebar grips can fit all types of handles perfectly.
  • As these grips have a more extended grip surface, it allows the users to move their hands while driving freely.
  • The grips have a 3.5mm thick rubber wall and it helps in reduces the damping effect.
  • It is soft, skid-proof and also resistant to shock.
  • The inner core of the handlebar grips is also durable, giving it the required strength for extended use.
  • The handlebar grips are available in three different colors: Black, white and pink.
  • As the grips are made using the eco-friendly materials, it doesn’t smell or causes any allergy reactions.
  • Several users have faced the issue of handlebars sticking to the hands while driving.


2. Vktech BMX Bike Handle BMX grips

Vktech BMX Bike Handle Grips

Vtech is also one of the trusted brands for BMX hand grips offering handle grips made from a premium quality rubber material. It has excellent adhesion as it sticks to the handles without making it gummy. Like other handle grips, these also have a pattern that makes it easy for the riders to hold the handles. It has a non-slip texture and also has an anti-bacterial feature. However, people using it with padded gloves will like these handle grips more than the riders who don’t wear gloves while driving. The grips priced at an affordable price point, making it inexpensive yet good quality handle grips alternative. The length of the handle grips is ideal for covering the handles of several bikes. Also, one can trim the ends of these grips if it is too long for your bike’s handles.

  • The grips are made using the soft, durable runner and also offer strong wearability.
  • It has a non-slip grip offering a stable surface for the users to hold so that they can drive their bikes comfortably.
  • One can easily install these grips onto the handles and it is also easy to take off.
  • The grips have an anatomic raised surface that offers maximum traction control.
  • This pair of handle grip offers an added comfort for the riders for driving with ease.
  • It can be a suitable replacement option for MTB and BMX bikes.
  • There are nine different colors available for these handlebar grips such as red, green, blue, black, white and more.
  • Some users found these handlebar grips too thin as compared to the other alternatives.


3.BV Bike Handlebar GripsBV Bike Handlebar Grips

If you are looking for handle grips that look stylish and comfortable, then this option can be ideal for you. The handlebars grips from BV can fit all standard straight handlebar bicycle as well as stunt scooter handlebar. These grips are a perfect fit for BMX, dirt jumper, cruiser, downhill, comfort and other such bikes. The Maya inspired pattern makes the grip anti-slip and comfortable. The grips have durable end LOGO caps that are clamped into the grips so that they don’t fall out. Aluminum C-ring given on the grips helps in keeping the grip secure and tight. There are two function zones on the black variant handlebar grip that provides a tacky grip on the first zone and has a motocross-inspired grip pattern on the second zone.

  • The TRP material used in the construction of the grips can absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • It has a double clamp design that is easy to install and it stays in place without twisting.
  • There are four colors available for these handle grips, including blue, red, gold and green.
  • The black variant comes with a single clamp design that is meant for reducing the weight and improving ergonomics.
  • The overall design and the material used in the making of these grips ensure that there is no fatigue or pressure caused while driving.
  • The grips also offer a stable grip along with maximum control to the users.
  • There were some bolts and screws in the order when some customers ordered it that made it difficult for installing these grips.
  • The bike raiders found these grips comfortable for short rides only.


4. ODI Longneck Handlebar BMX grips

ODI Longneck Handlebar Grip

ODI also offers handlebar grips for BMX bikes. These grips have a longneck and ribbed grip pattern, making it comfortable for the users to ride the bike with utmost comfort. It also has an open-end pattern for accommodating the end plugs. The grips are made using TPR material with the single-play construction. It has a classic mushroom style design that makes it easy for the users to have grip and control. These grips are also suitable for MTB bikes.

  • The lock-on grip system used in the making of these handlebar grips makes it easy for the users to install the grips.
  • It has a collapsible ribbed pattern that offers excellent shock absorption along with maximum control.
  • There are seven color options available for this handlebar grip, such as green, blue, black, pink, etc.
  • Other color options of these handlebar grips come with black plug end caps.
  • One might face issues with the fit of these grips for the bikes that have smaller handles.
  • Some buyers found these grips to be slippery.


5. Fuzion BMX Bike GripsFuzion BMX Bike Grips

The last option on this list is this thick and stable handlebar grips from Fuzion. These grips are extended, anti-slip and easy to install. The trademarked pattern used in the construction of these grips provides users with extra support. It is 155mm in size, which fits most of the standard bike handles. The users found it’s fit perfect for BMX, MTB and other such bikes. The grips are a little expensive than the alternatives on this list, but its quality and features are value for money. 

  • The grip has a unique Hex pattern that makes it different from the other classic grips available in the market.
  • These grips provide users with more comfort to make their drive easy.
  • As these grips have a super-wide design, the users can have sufficient areas for placing their hands.
  • It also has an extra-plush feel.
  • The grip comes in four different color variants, including black, black and red swirl, blue and black swirl, white and black swirl.
  • Some buyers found it difficult to put these grips on the handlebars.


Concluding Remarks

It is crucial to make a purchase that is worth the value. A lot of people get attracted to the cheap pricing, but make sure to go through the features of the products before finalizing the product. There are many other brands having handle grips for BMX bikes, but these five are rated and reviewed as the best BMX grips due to their fit and advantages of making the ride smooth. Although all alternatives have a majority of common features, there are some differences in the construction, design and the material used for making it. 

I liked the last option- Fuzion BMX bike grips due to its different design, which, in my opinion, can offer a better grip to the drivers. All the other alternatives also have the patterns to extend the control and grip so you can compare these options and make an informed decision about the same.

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