Skateboarding vs Bmx – Know Difference Between Skate and Bmx

When it comes to sports, choosing a particular sports mess up your mind, especially when both can give you a thrilling experience. You are more likely to experience this if you have thought about two similar yet rival sports, namely skateboarding vs BMX. You might have come across people debating and defending their favorite sports among the two. But the opinion you will get from them will completely be biased as they are into that sport. Here we are bringing you an unbiased comparison between the two. Please read the article till the end to know it all. 

Skateboarding vs Bmx

To our knowledge, we already know that skateboarding is a sport that involves riding a skateboard, and BMX refers to Bicycle Motocross, which is a sport usually performed on BMX bikes. Both of them include a risk factor. To go for skateboarding or BMX is to be decided based on a series of factors. Go through these factors described below and make a choice.

1. The Maintenance

In the battle of BMX vs Skate, the BMX cycle has a lot many parts. They also have to be maintained and changed from time to time. When it comes to a skateboard, you just have replaced the bearings once in a while. The maintenance is not that much of a trouble, and the best part is that its spare parts are available easily.

2. Riding ExperienceSkateboarding

It is believed that skateboarding gives a sense of freedom to its riders and BMX riders provide a boost to the adrenaline rush. Both sports give you amazing riding experiences. However, for long distances to cover, people prefer BMX cycles as it proves to be more comfortable. 

3. The Learning Process

To begin with, skateboarding involves learning balancing. It is quite a task in the beginning. For a BMX rider, it takes a good amount of practice to get along smoothly with the BMX cycle. It goes vice versa. Skateboarding is difficult for an individual in the initial phase, but when it comes to tricks, the skateboarder gets the hang of it within time with practice. Whereas learning to ride the BMX cycle is comparatively easy in the beginning, but when it comes to showing tricks, the individual might need intensive training. 

4. The Riding Terrain


BMX cycles are suitable for almost any type of terrain and are much preferred outdoors. When it comes to skateboarding, you can do it in parks, even on side rails, if you have enough skills and confidence. However, BMX cycles may not necessarily be allowed in skateparks. You can use the BMX cycle in a forest area, but skateboards are not so suitable for forest region. They both have some constraints in terms of the locations. 

5. The Safety Factor

If you explore BMX vs skateboard in terms of safety, you might be aware that both contain a certain amount of risk. BMX can hurt you more if you go through a pit hole or a trick throw up. The parts of the BMX are heavier and can give you more pain. If you go skateboarding on roads, then it can be dangerous. Performing stunts on BMX is considered to be the riskiest thing to do, and in comparison, skateboarding is safer as the surface you can skate on are quite smooth and limited. 

6. The Cost and Portability

If we compare the prices of both, the skateboard and BMX cycle, a skateboard is much cheaper than a BMX cycle. However, fancy skateboards can also cost you a pretty good amount. Concerning portability, the skateboard is more portable. For BMX, you might need transportation. 

Final Words

In the battle between skate vs BMX, there are both positives and negatives. We have stated both clearly in this article. All you need to do is decide which suits your requirement the best. We hope we have helped you. Whatever you choose, we wish you happy riding and safety!

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