How to Remove Stuck Bicycle Pedals – Follow these Easy Ways

Bicycle riders love maintaining their bikes as much as they enjoy riding it. The maintenance and repair of bicycles are easy once you know all the procedures, tips, and tricks. Stuck bicycle pedals are one of the most common problems faced by the riders. The pedals can get stuck due to rust or the tight-fitting of the screws. If you are searching for an article to help you with removing the stuck bicycle pedals, then this article will be of utmost help to you.

How to Remove Stuck Bicycle Pedals?

I will share a detailed step-by-step guide to help you in removing the pedals. This procedure requires some of the materials and tools that you need to have handy. The required materials are:

A spray lubricant: This is readily available in any hardware store. Invest in a good spray lubricant to make your work easy and quick.

An open wrench end: Get a pedal wrench or wrench spanner to unscrew the nuts of the pedals with ease.

Rubber hammer: You can get a medium-sized or even a large hammer for tapping the wrench and applying force to loosen the pedal.

Once you have gotten all of the materials with you, follow this simple procedure to remove the bike pedals.

Lubricate the pedals

Park or place your bicycle on the sturdy surface to ensure that the cycle doesn’t move much. You can also stand your cycle against a wall or tree. Now apply a lubricating spray on the parts of the bike that you feel need a little lubrication. While doing this, spray the lubricant on the section that joins the pedals to the bicycle. Leave the oil for some time so that it loosens the parts, and it becomes easy for you to do the further process. Give it good ten minutes to work, if you end up spraying in excess then wipe off the extra oil with a tissue.

Rotate the pedals

The next step is to try and move the pedals in one direction. Decide the direction you want to turn the pedals in so that it comes off easily. The pedal on the right or drive side has normal threads so it can be removed by moving it in the clockwise direction. You can use a wrench for loosening the nuts that are holding the pedals into their place.

Align the wrench

After you have decided the direction and have a wrench handy, place a 15mm wrench on the screw that connects the crank arm and pedal. Place it in the horizontal position to make the process quick. Now apply the force downwards to turn the wrench in the direction of the threads on the pedal. Try and move the pedals individually to loosen the grip. If you can’t do it alone, ask for some help to stop the opposite pedal from moving.

In case you are not able to move the pedals don’t apply more force as this can complicate the process. Applying extra force might also result in the tightening of the nuts that are difficult to remove.

Hammer on the wrench

The last step is to try using a hammer on the wrench to loosen the pedal. Tap the hammer on the end of the pedal wrench multiple times to get it off. You can also apply a little penetrating oil again for the pedal to come off. Generally, a good rubber hammer and some strokes do the work. If not, then you can also use a 15 mm wrench spanner on the nut as it is longer than the pedal wrench. You can also attach a piece of pipe to the wrench to increase the leverage. The stuck pedals come off will come off with the help of all these tools. 

What if nothing works?

The reason for the jammed pedals is the lack of lubrication. Hence you can spray the crank arm or the nuts holding the pedals with lubricant and leave it overnight. Try unscrewing the nuts without tools to see if it comes off. You can also use a dryer or heat in other forms to loosen the pedals. But I would suggest contacting a professional if you can’t remove it even after trying all the methods.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid the stuck wheels and keep them in good condition:

  • Always clean your bicycle once in a while and get rid of the gunk, dirt, dust, etc.
  • Remember to apply some grease before installing a new pedal axle.
  • Lubricate the joints once a month if you ride your cycle in routine.
  • Particular lubricants are available that help in unscrewing the nuts, keep them handy.

Concluding Remarks

The process of removing stuck pedals is not that tough and can be done in minutes. Try and avoid ending up in these conditions by properly maintaining and cleaning your bicycle. Also, remember to keep all the things required for repair and maintenance handy in your garage.

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